The Secret to THINK and GROW RICH - Napoleon Hill Affirmations (2023)

The classic self-improvement book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill has inspired millions worldwide. It contains wisdom that allows readers to tap into an unlimited potential for success and wealth.

So to get started on mastering your destiny and putting Napoleon’s teachings into practice, we’ve created these affirmations you can incorporate into your daily routine. This blog post explores how Napoleon Hill’s powerful Think and Grow Rich affirmations can help you achieve financial abundance and success.

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1. What are Think and Grow Rich Affirmations?

2. Think and Grow Rich Affirmations for Every Chapter

What are Think and Grow Rich Affirmations?

Think and Grow Rich Affirmations are affirmations related to or inspired by the famous book Napoleon Hill wrote. They are not designed to replace the book but complement it and provide additional tools for those who want to embrace the teachings and principles in TAGR fully. Neither are they direct quotes from the book, but they take inspiration from them.

Think and Grow Rich Affirmations for Every Chapter

We’ve given a quick summary of each chapter and provided many affirmations for each that embrace the lessons and principles taught in that chapter.

Affirmations for Chapter 1 – Thoughts Are Things

In chapter 1, Hill explains that thoughts are “powerful things,” especially when combined with a definite purpose,persistence, and an intense desire.

Hill tells the story of how Edwin Barnes “thought” his way into a partnership with the great inventor Thomas Edison. Barnes was able to achieve this despite starting with no money and little education. How? Because he had aburning desireto do so and the determination to keep going until he did.

Barnesthoughthimself into a fortune, and Hill wants you to know that you can too. Hill also explains the importance of not quitting after a temporary failure. Everyone has setbacks, and greatsuccessoften comes one step beyond defeat.

Hill states that all you need is one sound idea to achieve success. But before you can acquire wealth in great abundance, you must first cultivate an intense desire for it. Riches begin with astate of mind– you must become success conscious.

  • “I can think my way to a fortune.”
  • “I can transmute my desires into gold.”
  • “All I need is one sound idea to achieve success.”
  • “I know that when riches begin to come, they come quickly and in great abundance.”
  • “Riches begin with a state of mind and definiteness of purpose.”
  • “I know that success comes to those who are success conscious.”
  • “I am becoming more and more success conscious.”
  • “I, like Henry Ford, understand and apply the principles of success.”
  • “I am the master of my fate and the captain of my soul because I have the power to control my thoughts.”
  • “I can transform my thoughts into physical riches.”
  • “I have the faith, initiative, and will to win.”
  • “I know that more gold is mined from the brains of men than from the earth.”
  • “I have the determination to keep going until I reach my desire.”
  • “I keep on keeping on.”
  • “My state of mind attracts riches.”
  • “I think constructive thoughts that lead to financial abundance.”
  • “I have an intense desire for riches.”

Affirmations for Chapter 2 – Desire

In chapter 2, Hill explains that while most people want to be rich, simply wishing for it is not enough. Instead, you must have a “burning desire” to become rich that’s so intense it becomes anobsession.

You also need aclear planfor acquiring wealth that you back up with persistent, unrelenting action. Quitting cannot be an option; you must“burn all bridges behind you,”so there’s no way to retreat.

Hill lays out his method for transforming desire into real-life riches, which involvessix key steps:

  1. Decide EXACTLY how much money you desire.
  2. Decide what you’re prepared to do to attain that money.
  3. Set a specific date by which you’ll possess that money.
  4. Create a plan for achieving what you desire and start taking action immediately.
  5. Write down your responses to the steps above, creating a clear and concise statement.
  6. Read this statement aloud twice per day, once in the morning and once at bedtime. While reading, you should imagine, feel, and believe you already have the money.

Here is thesix-step methodconverted into affirmations:

  1. “Right now, I can visualize the EXACT amount of money I desire.”
  2. “I know EXACTLY what I intend to give to attain the money I desire.”
  3. “I know by which specific date I will possess the money I desire.”
  4. “I have a definite plan for attaining the money I desire, which I am putting into action.”
  5. “I have written a clear, concise statement that outlines how much money I desire, when I will possess it, what I will give to attain it, and my plan for accumulating it.”
  6. “I read my written statement aloud twice daily and vividly imagine myself already possessing the money I desire.”

To help you follow andembraceall the lessons given in chapter 2, we’ve also created these affirmations:

  • “I know that desire is the starting point of all achievement and the first step towards riches.”
  • “I have a keen, pulsating desire for riches that transcends everything else.”
  • “The dominating dream of my life is becoming a reality.”
  • “Anything is possible when I back my desire with enduring faith.”
  • “I aim high in life and demand abundance and prosperity.”
  • “I see a world filled with an abundance of opportunities.”
  • “I take every opportunity that brings me closer to my cherished goal.”
  • “My desire for riches has become a dominating obsession.”
  • “My mind is saturated with the desire for money.”
  • “I can see and feel myself in possession of the exact amount of money I desire.”
  • “This world rewards the dreamers like me who bring it new ideas.”
  • “Just as the mighty oak grows from an acorn, my dreams are the seedlings of outstanding achievements.”
  • “I know that every achievement begins with an intense, burning desire for something definite.”
  • “I have seen desire backed by faith lift men to places of great power and wealth.”
  • “I can turn all of my attributes and experiences into assets.”
  • “Hope, faith, courage, and belief permeate my consciousness.”
  • “This world is calling out for new ideas, new leaders, and new ways of doing things.”
  • “I, like every great leader, am a dreamer.”
  • “I know I will have the riches I desire; I am convinced.”
  • “I have a ‘Definite Major Purpose’ in life, fueled by a ‘Burning Desire’ for its achievement.”
  • “My desire is ‘Intense and All-Consuming,’ just like Hill describes.”
  • “I know that ‘Desire is the Starting Point of All Achievement.'”
  • “I am motivated by my ‘Definite Major Purpose’ and ‘Burning Desire.'”
  • “I understand that ‘A Strong Desire’ can be transformed into its physical equivalent.”
  • “I have a ‘Definite Plan’ and take ‘Persistent Action’ toward my desires.”
  • “I am not discouraged by temporary failure because ‘Every Failure Carries with it the Seed of an Equivalent Advantage.'”
  • “I possess the ‘Willpower and Determination’ to overcome any obstacle and reach my desires.”
  • “I have the faith to know that ‘A Burning Desire, Backed by Faith, Cannot Fail.'”
  • “I am determined to turn my ‘Desires into Reality’ through my actions.”
  • “I am committed to ‘Continuing Action’ until my desires are fulfilled.”

Affirmations for Chapter 3 – Faith

In chapter 3, Hill explains that faith is a state of mind that you can develop at will. Through self-suggestion, you can convince your subconscious mind tobelieveanything. Self-suggestion involves visualization and repeating emotionalized affirmations to yourself.

Hill says the subconscious mind will eventually accept any thought if it’s repeated enough. And that people are who they are because of the thoughts and emotions they letdominatetheir minds. Your subconscious mind works with whatever material you feed it; you have control over it.

When thoughts are mixed with emotions, they influence the subconscious mind most significantly. That’s why cultivating positive emotions like faith and eliminating negative emotions as much as possible is vital. Your subconscious mind, acting upon your beliefs, dictates how youbehaveand what you can achieve.

Faith, love, and sex are the most powerful positive emotions. Faith removes limitations and makes the accumulation of riches possible. Hill also outlines his five-stepself-confidence formula, which we’ve converted into affirmations here:

  1. “I know I can achieve my definite purpose in life, and I promise to take continuous action to attain it.”
  2. “I spend 30 minutes each day visualizing the person I intend to become.”
  3. “For 10 minutes each day, I demand from myself the development of self-confidence.”
  4. “I have written down my definite chief aim in life, and I will keep going until I have developed the confidence to achieve it.”
  5. “I build wealth upon truth and justice. I engage only in transactions that benefit everyone they affect. I succeed by attracting what I wish to use and the cooperation of others. People are willing to serve me because I’m willing to serve others. I love all of humanity because I know only a positive attitude toward others can bring me success. People believe in me because I believe in them and myself. I sign my name to this formula and memorize it. I repeat it aloud once daily with complete faith that it will gradually influence my thoughts and actions so I become self-reliant and successful.”

We incorporate all theother lessonsfrom this chapter in the affirmations below:

  • “I know that faith, love, and sex are the most powerful positive emotions.”
  • “I know riches begin in the form of thought.”
  • “I have complete faith in myself and my desire.”
  • “I have a faith mindset.”
  • “My faith is the eternal elixir that gives power, life, and action to my thoughts.”
  • “I positively influence my subconscious mind by mixing faith with constructive thoughts.”
  • “I immerse myself in positive emotions and constructive thinking.”
  • “I empower myself with faith, love, and sex.”
  • “I cultivate positive emotions and arouse my inner genius.”
  • “I believe in myself and my ability to achieve any goal.”
  • “I promise to think and act in ways that make me confident and successful.”
  • “I fill my mind with faith and belief.”
  • “I can win because I think and believe I can win.”

Affirmations for Chapter 4 – Auto-suggestion

In chapter 4, Hill explains that auto-suggestion allows conscious thoughts to reach and influence the subconscious mind. By understanding and using auto-suggestion, you can haveabsolute controlover what influences your subconscious mind. People who don’t exercise this control are more likely to live a life of poverty.

The principle of auto-suggestion is that only thoughts mixed withemotionsor feelings can influence the subconscious. Plain, unemotional thoughts will not. That’s why it’s essential to read aloud your written statement in a spirit of faith and see and feel yourself in possession of your desired riches.

If you struggle to evoke positive feelings or beliefs at first, keep trying, and with persistence, it will eventually come. This is whyrepetitionis also necessary; it’s about gradually developing“money consciousness.”This repeated effort and concentration is the price you must pay to influence your subconscious mind voluntarily.

  • “I use auto-suggestion to reprogram my subconscious mind with positive thoughts and beliefs.”
  • “I regularly repeat positive affirmations to myself to influence my subconscious mind.”
  • “My subconscious mind is the source of my beliefs, habits, and actions, and I use auto-suggestion to control it.”
  • “I am committed to making my subconscious mind work for me, not against me.”
  • “I only allow positive and empowering affirmations to enter my subconscious mind.”
  • “I am determined to achieve my goals through the power of auto-suggestion.”
  • “I use auto-suggestion to build a positive and optimistic outlook on life.”
  • “I believe in the power of auto-suggestion to transform my life.”
  • “I am confident and self-assured because of the positive auto-suggestions I give myself.”
  • “I am in control of my subconscious mind and use auto-suggestion to shape it in a positive direction.”
  • “I know that ‘What the Mind of Man Can Conceive and Believe, It Can Achieve.'”

Affirmations for Chapter 5 – Specialized Knowledge

In chapter 5, Hill stresses the importance of acquiring specialized knowledge in order to achieve success. He explains that success comes from doing something better than anyone else and that the key to doing that is having knowledge and skills that are in demand.

Hill states that knowledge is power and that the more knowledge you have in a particular area, the greater your potential for success. He encourages readers to educate themselves continually and to seek out experts in their field who can teach them what they need to know.

Hill also explains that having specialized knowledge gives you a competitive advantage and can open doors that would otherwise be closed to you. He states that the most successful people in any field are those who have specialized knowledge and that they are the ones who are most likely to achieve their goals.

  • “I am committed to acquiring specialized knowledge in order to achieve success.”
  • “I continuously educate myself to increase my knowledge and skills.”
  • “I seek out experts in my field to learn from the best.”
  • “I know that success comes from doing something better than anyone else.”
  • “I use my specialized knowledge to gain a competitive advantage.”
  • “I believe that the more knowledge I have, the greater my potential for success.”
  • “I understand that knowledge is power, and I strive to constantly expand my knowledge base.”
  • “I am determined to be the best in my field, and I use my specialized knowledge to help me get there.”
  • “I am open to new ideas and opportunities, and I am always looking for ways to improve myself.”
  • “I believe that the most successful people in any field are those who have specialized knowledge.”
  • “I am confident in my abilities because I have the specialized knowledge and skills necessary to achieve my goals.”
  • “I understand that having specialized knowledge can open doors that would otherwise be closed to me.”
  • “I strive to be a lifelong learner and to continuously expand my knowledge.”

Affirmations for Chapter 6 – Imagination

In chapter 6, Hill emphasizes the role that imagination plays in success and wealth creation. He explains that imagination is a powerful tool that can help you visualize your goals and make them a reality.

Hill states that imagination is like a workshop where you can create your future. He encourages readers to use their imagination to see themselves in possession of the things they desire and to use visualization as a means of making their dreams a reality.

Hill also explains that imagination is the key to unlocking the power of the mind and that it separates successful people from those who never achieve their goals. He states that imagination allows you to see opportunities where others see only obstacles and enables you to turn your dreams into tangible realities.

  • “I use my imagination to visualize my goals and make them a reality.”
  • “My imagination is the key to unlocking the power of my mind.”
  • “I see myself in possession of the things I desire.”
  • “I believe that imagination is the workshop of the mind.”
  • “I use visualization to bring my dreams to life.”
  • “I understand that imagination is what separates successful people from those who never achieve their goals.”
  • “I have the imagination necessary to turn my dreams into tangible realities.”
  • “I see opportunities where others see only obstacles.”
  • “I have a vivid imagination, and I use it to create my future.”
  • “I am confident in my ability to make my dreams a reality.”
  • “I am creative and innovative, and I use my imagination to solve problems.”
  • “I believe in the power of my imagination, and I use it to achieve great things.”
  • “My imagination is a powerful tool that I use to create a rich and abundant life.”

Affirmations for Chapter 7 – Organized Planning

In chapter 7, Hill emphasizes the importance of organized planning in achieving success and wealth. He explains that organized planning is the process of setting goals, determining the steps necessary to reach those goals, and taking consistent action toward their achievement.

Hill states that organized planning is essential for success, as it gives you a clear roadmap to follow and helps you stay focused and motivated as you work towards your goals. However, he also emphasizes the importance of being flexible and adapting your plan as you go to ensure that you are always making progress toward your desired outcome.

  • “I have a clear plan for achieving my goals.”
  • “I take consistent action towards my goals.”
  • “I am organized and focused in my approach to success.”
  • “I am flexible and adaptable in my plan for success.”
  • “I believe that organized planning is essential for success.”
  • “I set realistic and achievable goals for myself.”
  • “I know the steps necessary to reach my goals, and I take them consistently.”
  • “I stay motivated and focused on my plan for success.”
  • “I am constantly making progress towards my desired outcome.”
  • “I am organized, focused, and motivated, and I achieve great things as a result.”
  • “I believe in the power of organized planning, and I use it to achieve success and wealth.”
  • “I take control of my future through organized planning.”
  • “I am proactive in my approach to success and wealth creation.”

Affirmations for Chapter 8 – Decision

In chapter 8, Hill emphasizes the importance of making decisions in order to achieve success. He states that indecision is a habit that holds many people back and that success requires making firm decisions and sticking to them.

Hill explains that indecision is often caused by fear and a lack of self-confidence. These issues can be overcome by developing a burning desire for success and using affirmations to build self-confidence.

He also stresses the importance of taking action after making a decision and states that success is not only about making the right decisions but also about taking the right actions.

  • “I am a decisive person and make clear decisions with confidence.”
  • “I have the courage to make firm decisions and stick to them.”
  • “I overcome my fears and take action on my decisions.”
  • “I am confident in my ability to make the right decisions.”
  • “I turn my desires into reality through decisive action.”
  • “I am not afraid to take risks and make bold decisions.”
  • “I take action on my decisions immediately and see results.”
  • “I have a burning desire for success and make decisions accordingly.”
  • “I build my self-confidence through affirmations and visualization.”
  • “I am proactive and take control of my life through decisive action.”
  • “I have a clear purpose and make decisions that align with my goals.”
  • “I am a master of decision-making and see success as a result.”
  • “I am fearless in the face of uncertainty and make decisions with certainty.”
  • “I trust my instincts and make decisions with conviction.”

Affirmations for Chapter 9 – Persistence

In chapter 9, Hill stresses the importance of persistence in achieving success. He explains that persistence is the quality that enables people to continue in their efforts despite obstacles and difficulties and that this quality is essential for success.

Hill states that success requires both a burning desire and persistence and that the two go hand in hand. He also explains that persistence can be developed through repetition and repetition of affirmations, as well as by building self-confidence and a positive mental attitude.

  • “I am persistent and never give up on my goals.”
  • “I have an unyielding determination to succeed.”
  • “I face challenges with persistence and a positive attitude.”
  • “I believe in myself and my ability to persist in the face of adversity.”
  • “I develop persistence through repetition and affirmations.”
  • “I overcome obstacles and see my desires come to fruition.”
  • “I am confident in my ability to persist and achieve success.”
  • “I have a burning desire for success that drives my persistence.”
  • “I am resilient and bounce back from setbacks with persistence.”
  • “I cultivate a positive mental attitude that supports my persistence.”
  • “I keep going, no matter what obstacles I face.”
  • “I am unstoppable in my pursuit of success.”
  • “My persistence pays off in the end.”
  • “I am persistent in my thoughts, actions, and beliefs.”
  • “I do not allow temporary defeat to stop me – I persist until I succeed.”

Affirmations for Chapter 10 – Power of The Mastermind

In chapter 10, Napoleon Hill explains the concept of the “Mastermind” and how it can help individuals achieve their goals. The Mastermind refers to a group of individuals who work together to achieve a common goal. Hill believes that the combined power of the group can help individuals overcome any obstacle and achieve success.

The Mastermind consists of two or more people who come together to support and help each other achieve their goals. By combining their knowledge and skills, individuals in a Mastermind group can achieve more than they could alone. Hill states that a Mastermind group is essential for individuals who want to achieve success and attain their goals.

  • “I am a part of a powerful Mastermind group.”
  • “My Mastermind group is helping me achieve my goals.”
  • “I am stronger with the support of my Mastermind group.”
  • “I am surrounded by positive, successful individuals in my Mastermind group.”
  • “I am confident in the power of my Mastermind group.”
  • “My Mastermind group is helping me overcome obstacles and reach success.”
  • “I am constantly learning from my Mastermind group.”
  • “I am grateful for the support and knowledge of my Mastermind group.”
  • “Together with my Mastermind group, I can achieve anything.”
  • “The power of my Mastermind group is unlimited.”
  • “I am harnessing the power of the Mastermind to achieve my dreams.”

Affirmations for Chapter 11 – The Mystery of Sex Transmutation

In Chapter 11, Hill explores the concept of sex transmutation and its role in success. He argues that the desire for sexual expression is the most powerful of all human desires. When properly harnessed and directed, this desire can become a powerful motivator toward success.

Hill argues that one of the key elements of success is the ability to control one’s thoughts and emotions. He suggests that transmuting one’s sexual energy towards creative and productive endeavors can be a powerful way of doing this. He also suggests that individuals who can channel their sexual energy in this way will be able to achieve success more quickly and easily than those who do not.

  • “I harness the power of my sexual energy to achieve success.”
  • “My sexual energy drives me towards my goals.”
  • “I channel my sexual energy into productive endeavors.”
  • “My sexual energy propels me towards my desires.”
  • “I direct my sexual energy towards my dreams.”
  • “I am in control of my thoughts and emotions, including my sexual desires.”
  • “I transmute my sexual energy into creative power.”
  • “I am motivated by the power of my sexual energy.”
  • “I harness the power of sex transmutation to reach new heights of success.”
  • “My sexual energy fuels my determination and drive towards success.”

Affirmations for Chapter 12 – The Subconscious Mind

In chapter 12 of “Think and Grow Rich,” Hill delves into the concept of the subconscious mind and its role in our lives. Hill explains that the subconscious mind is like a vast storehouse of infinite wisdom and knowledge, and it can make our desires a reality if we learn how to access it.

Hill also emphasizes the importance of programming our subconscious mind with positive and empowering beliefs rather than negative and limiting beliefs. He suggests that we use affirmations and visualization to communicate with the subconscious mind and to help it align with our conscious desires.

  • “I can program my subconscious mind with positive and empowering beliefs.”
  • “I am in control of my thoughts and emotions.”
  • “My subconscious mind is a vast storehouse of infinite wisdom and knowledge.”
  • “I use affirmations and visualization to communicate with my subconscious mind.”
  • “I believe in the power of my subconscious mind.”
  • “I trust in the wisdom of my subconscious mind.”
  • “I am aligned with my deepest desires.”
  • “My subconscious mind is always working for my highest good.”
  • “I release any limiting beliefs and embrace new possibilities.”
  • “I am confident in the power of my subconscious mind to bring my desires to life.”

Affirmations for Chapter 13 – The Brain

In Chapter 13, Hill explains that the human brain is the most powerful tool a person can have. The brain is the center of thought and imagination and the source of all human-taken action. Hill also highlights that the brain can create incredible things and can be used to change one’s life for the better.

The brain can have infinite imagination and control one’s thoughts and actions. Hill emphasizes the importance of programming the brain to think positively and to develop a winning attitude. With the right mindset, the brain can be a powerful tool for success.

  • “I have complete control over my thoughts and imagination.”
  • “My brain is my greatest asset, and I use it to create my reality.”
  • “I program my mind for success with positive thoughtsand a winning attitude.”
  • “My thoughts and actions are in alignment with my desires.”
  • “I trust the power of my subconscious mind to guide me to success.”
  • “I use my imagination to visualize my desired outcomes.”
  • “I am constantly improving my mind and increasing its potential.”
  • “I am confident in my ability to overcome challenges and achieve success.”
  • “I am the master of my brain, and my thoughts determine my reality.”
  • “I use my brain to achieve my greatest aspirations and make my dreams a reality.”
  • “I believe in my limitless potential and the power of my brain to create success.”

Affirmations for Chapter 14 – The Sixth Sense

In chapter 14, Hill introduces the concept of the “sixth sense,” which he says is how the subconscious mind communicates with the conscious mind. The sixth sense is the direct link between the infinite intelligence of the subconscious and the conscious mind, and it is through this sense one can tap into the power of the subconscious and bring forth ideas and solutions to problems.

Hill explains that the sixth sense is not a physical but a mental sense, and it can be developed through the proper use of imagination, concentration, and auto-suggestion. When the sixth sense is fully developed, it acts as an inner guidance system that can provide a person with the direction and inspiration needed to achieve their goals.

  • “I am in touch with my inner self and my own inner voice.”
  • “I have the power to activate my sixth sense.”
  • “I have the ability to tap into the infinite intelligence of the universe.”
  • “I trust my intuition and listen to my inner voice.”
  • “I am open to new ideas and new ways of thinking.”
  • “I believe in the power of my imagination.”
  • “I am a master of visualization.”
  • “I create vivid mental pictures of success.”
  • “I maintain a positive attitude and focus on my desires.”
  • “I trust my sixth sense to guide me to success.”
  • “I am always in touch with the infinite intelligence of the universe.”
  • “My sixth sense helps me make wise decisions.”
  • “I am confident and in tune with my inner self.”
  • “I have faith in the power of my imagination and intuition.”
  • “I allow my sixth sense to lead me to success and abundance.”

Affirmations for Chapter 15 – The Six Ghosts of Fear

In this chapter, Hill discusses the six most common fears that prevent individuals from achieving their goals: poverty, criticism, ill health, loss of love, old age, and death. He explains that these fears are all rooted in the mind and can be overcome by developing a positive mental attitude.

Hill emphasizes that the greatest of all fears is the fear of failure and the one fear that will keep an individual from even attempting to achieve their goals. He advises that taking action is the only way to overcome the fear of failure. And that taking consistent, small steps toward one’s goals will help to develop the confidence needed to overcome the fear.

  • “I am confident in my ability to overcome any fear that may arise.”
  • “I am fearless in the pursuit of my goals.”
  • “I refuse to be intimidated by the six ghosts of fear.”
  • “I know that the fear of failure is only in my mind, and I can overcome it.”
  • “I am bold and take consistent, small steps towards my goals.”
  • “I am courageous in the face of fear and uncertainty.”
  • “I choose to face my fears and overcome them.”
  • “I am empowered to turn my fears into opportunities.”
  • “I am fearless in the pursuit of wealth and success.”
  • “I have the power to control my thoughts and emotions, and I choose to focus on positivity and success.”


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